About Me


Software Engineer in Gameplay Development @Journee - Berlin, Germany

Leveraging AI and metaverse technology to deliver real business impact in the immersive web, creating and optimizing metaverse gameplay features for offline and multi-user experiences, mainly for brands.

Software Engineer in Support @Aiven - Berlin, Germany

Applied advanced troubleshooting techniques to provide unique solutions to customers' technical requirements, all while working with leading engineers around the world, managing customer communication during critical events

Full Stack Engineer @Points - Stuttgart, Germany

Developing a CMS-based multimedia-guide platform for exhibitions and museums.

Top Rated Plus IT Consultant and Software Engineer @Upwork and @Fiverr - Tunis, Tunisia

I've been working with startups, small studios, and non-techies to build, optimize and improve their products via top-rated Consulting and Engineering servicing, maintaining 5 stars reviews of +100 customers all over the world on different platforms.

Full Stack Engineer @ATSDigital - Tunis, Tunisia

Developed a Web application that harnesses the use of Machine Learning and cutting-edge Web technologies to digitize and automate HR teams’ hiring processes.

Video Game Developer @Galactech - Tunis, Tunisia

Developed a multiplayer mobile game for combat-based racing in Unity and with networking frameworks and services such as Photon and GameLift.


Noble Legends

Competitive online multiplayer match-based Arena game inspired by World of Warcraft PvP mechanics with a blend of Dark Souls-like experience.

Plug & Play

Plug & Play is an indie puzzle game, it is presented in an isometric view. the goal is to guide a couple through mazes that include elements of optical illusions to trigger the electricit y engines so they can escape from numerous disasters within the environment.


Developed a Web App that harnesses the use of Machine Learning and cutting-edge Web technologies to digitize and automate HR teams’ hiring processes within a company .


Built a Web App that makes it easy to manage internships by engaging universities and companies within the platform.


Developed a Cross-Platform application that connects handy workers and customers to fix physical objects.


Higher Institute of Engineering and Technology TUNISIA, Ariana

Software Engineering

Higher Institute of Information Technologies and Communication, TUNISIA, Borj Cedria

Computer Science